Festivals and EventsEdit

Vitandes Flavor FestivalEdit

Held at the Kingdom of Navalis, it is a special Event held every 10th day of the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter), it is a festival where many cooking stores and restaurants join together for a grand feast in order to serve the people their recipes for free. They are only celebrated on the following months (Nema, Holoax, Himal, Lesro)

Aurilocs EclipseEdit

Ancient tales said that during a solar and lunar eclipse of the moon, residents of Manaqua can see what was ones the capital of Manaqua; generations ago before it succumbed to the test of time. The water raises high in Manaqua to reveal the ruins of Aurilocs; known to be the Eden of the early Tivanian civilization.

Dessert Forest FestivalEdit

Held in Herbardam, on one particular day in the winter season, it was said that the sun reveals a history on how the abundant forest was ones the dessert plains before. Shinning on the ground, all of the withered trees are said to bloom a unique kind of leaf made out of a mysterious dust coming from what they believed to be the ‘Sand of Warmth’.

Lovers of Igmaragma Edit

During the creation of Vitandes, myths tell the tale of her first tivani couple living deep inside the volcano of Igmaragma being the guardians of Hivanis. One tragedy buried the couple into the magma. Feli wept but the two lost souls accepted their duties as guardians of Igmaragma and the Kingdom of Hivanis. Every 6 years, the volcano erupts with lava and an abundant load of gems.


Vitanian Calendar Edit

Ever since the first tivanians lived all throughout the old Vitandes, they created a calendar where one year consists of sixteen months. 16 months of Vitandes: in those 16 months, one month is the quivalent of exactly 30 days. And in every one day has 24 hours.

a. Nema - Spring

b. Osulm - Spring

c. Wizden - Summer

d. Haques - Fall

e. Amira - Winter

f. Tynfiso - Spring

g. Holoax - Summer

h. Lyuma - Summer

i. Ivel - Fall

j. Fodaz - Winter

k. Eimsei - Spring

l. Cyuvant - Summer

m. Himal - Fall

n. Iwilah - Fall

o. Lesro - Winter

p. Detyla - Winter

Mysterious Message WritingsEdit

Feli's message A chapter 12

The language used by feli is found during one of the unknown realm events

Tracing way back through the beginningm Feli picked a language that gives her an enigma of lost mystery. Perhaps, it is an existing language that few Tivanians ever found without even understanding as how to translate this mysterous language of old, All that they believe was that these are tales and messages left and written by Goddess Feli herself.

Taminiz CandyEdit

A snack treat that’s very popular and founded by Taminiz Village.

Vilight shadeEdit

A crystalized flashlight that doctors use to find illuminating stains, birthmarks, and can be also used to inspect internal sicknesses. Vilight is a doctoral terminology for ‘rainbow flashlight’.

Baz leavesEdit

A bitter yet healthy herb raised and grown throughout the forests and fields of Herbardam.

Manaqua crest Edit

A balanced diet meal where it mixes a variety of vgetables, some fishes from Manaqua, and meat from Navanis and Tramore steamed and souped.

Ember Fries Edit

a popular snack that every race enjoy having after a heavy lunch. Sometimes, it is the snack of the day.

Luxentum Express Edit

A grand project made by Zoxi and the master of the Tanabata Family, along with every other tivanian races to construct an environment friendly steam train using worn out Light Stones as energy to move the train.

Light Stones Edit

These are illuminating stones that lightens during the night. They are found commonly in Tramore but some are found in Hivanis.

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